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                                          当前位置 >>学院公告 >> 学术讲座通知:Publishing in SSCI Journals: An Author, Reviewer and Editor’s Perspective

                                          学术讲座通知:Publishing in SSCI Journals: An Author, Reviewer and Editor’s Perspective
                                          作者:陈宇 发表日期:2018-05-08 浏览次数:

                                          讲座题目:Publishing in SSCI Journals: An Author, Reviewer and Editor’s Perspective

                                          主讲人:Peter De Costa (PhD)  密西根州立大学(Michigan State University)

                                          讲座时间:2018516日(星期三) 19:00





                                          In light of the increasing demands placed upon applied linguists to publish in international peer-reviewed journals, the publish or perish phenomenon has manifested itself in many countries including China. Chinese universities, in particular, have embarked on repositioning themselves as global producers of knowledge. Given these key academic developments, the pressure to produce ground-breaking work in applied linguistics has only escalated. It is against this competitive backdrop that I situate my experience-based talk as I share with the audience my personal perspective as a journal author, reviewer and editor. I first discuss the processes I undertake when selecting a journal, and how I respond to reviewers’ comments when refining my manuscript. Next, I switch positions and explore the procedures that I go through when reviewing a manuscript. Finally, I provide a perspective on how editorial decisions are made in regard to accepting and rejecting a manuscript, while also describing the complexities that need to be negotiated before a manuscript sees the light of publication. 



                                          Peter De Costa (PhD) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Languages at Michigan State University. His primary areas of research are identity and ideology in SLA. He is the author of The Power of Identity and Ideology in Language Learning (Springer, 2016). He also recently edited Ethics in Applied Linguistics Research (Routledge, 2016). His work has appeared in AILA Review, Applied Linguistics ReviewInternational Journal of Applied Linguistics, Language LearningLanguage PolicyLanguage TeachingLinguistics and Education, Research in the Teaching of EnglishSystemTESOL Quarterly, and The Modern Language Journal. He recently guest edited special journal issues on scalar approaches to language learning and teaching (Linguistics and Education, 2016; with Suresh Canagarajah), teacher identity (The Modern Language Journal, 2017; with Bonny Norton), study abroad research methodologies (System, 2017; with Hima Rawal and Irina Zaykovskaya), and World Englishes and Second Language Acquisition (World Englishes, 2018; with Kingsley Bolton). He is the co-editor of TESOL Quarterly.